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Garage Door Spring Repair, Maintenance and Installation

Our garage door spring repair service in Gresham is top notch. First, our technicians will help you understand your system. They will help you understand the issues and what it takes to resolve them. If you suspect that the spring is broken, old or worn, we will let you know. Springs serve as balancer and depending upon the doors weight, the springs must match accordingly.

Springs come in many types:

• Standard torsion spring – This type is the one that is placed on a shaft located above the center of the door. These springs have diameters of 1.75, 2.00 and 2.25 inches.
• Wayne Dalton spring – This type has a radius that is smaller compared to others. They have cable drums that are also smaller and they have a shaft that is unique in shape. One notable difference in these springs is that they fit inside the shaft rather than slide over it.
• Extension springs – These springs are defined by 4 characteristics – type of end, wire size, interior diameter and length. Manufacturers of these springs don’t make them based on dimensions found on doors. Rather, each manufacturer design their springs the way they want to design them.
• One-piece extension springs – If your door has rollers, chances are your springs are one-piece extension springs. The rollers move in a metal track and the metal track extends towards the interior of your garage.
• Commercial springs – This type of spring is used to support heavy doors that weigh hundreds to thousands of pounds. These large doors are the ones termed as high-lift or vertical lift.
• Self-storage roll-up springs – These are the ones found on doors used at storage facilities. These are usually for doors made out of steel.
• Steel-rolling torsion springs – This is pretty much the same as the self-storage type. The difference is that the doors in which they are used are made of interlocking slats.

The life of a spring does not depend on the material it is made of nor the treatment it underwent in manufacturing.  Its life is dependent on its length, diameter and size. Also, weather and location affects spring life. For example, people who live near the coast must choose galvanized and powder-coated springs because they are highly-resistant to rust.

Best Technicians Provide You Warranty

Our repair technicians are committed to giving you the right spring for your garage door system. Most springs are in stock but if not in stock, we can also source them from our partners who share the same passion for great customer service.
Warranty on installation and repair is usually one year. Please check with your technician on warranty terms for your particular situation. If you choose the 90-day option which is our partial warranty, parts covered will be replaced at no cost within that period. Please make sure you check applicable laws on warranties in your area.

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