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Garage Door Opener Repair, Installation and Maintenance in Gresham

Our garage door opener repair company offers several types of openers, including those from quality brands like LiftMaster and Linear. When our technician comes to you, all you have to do is allow them to inspect your garage door and opener for proper operation. They will then be able to recommend what type of opener you should.

Mobile Garage Door Opener Service

In most cases, customers don’t need to spend time looking for and purchasing a separate opener. Our technicians carry new openers on board. However, the technicians are instructed to exhaust all options to try to repair the existing opener. Replacement is usually a costlier option.
Our service vehicles are stocked with openers, rails and remotes for whatever your needs are. If there is a special request you have, please feel free to contact our office before the tech visits so we may do our best to fulfill your request.

Garage Door Opener Technicians

Our technicians are the finest and most hardworking technicians in town. They are highly-trained and can do the full range of repair services that you might ask of them. Be it an opener replacement, or installation, or maintenance service that you need, count on us! After the installation or repair, consider our follow-up maintenance service. This is just to make sure that you have someone you can call if a problem occurs with your system.

To give you a little education on garage door openers, here are the types:

• Chain drive – This is the type of opener that uses a chain that is attached to a part called the J-arm. The chain looks like the chain of a bicycle. This type is generally less expensive but noisier of the systems.
• Belt drive – Belt-driven openers are similar to chain-driven openers. When comparing these two types of openers, belt-driven ones are generally quieter.
• Screw drive – In this type, a steel rod is used to run the trolley. These openers usually have fewer parts, so it seems that they require less maintenance to keep them functioning properly.
• Jackshaft – These openers are mounted on the wall beside the door. These are the ones best suited to use in garages with low or overly high ceiling.
• Direct drive – This is the quietest type. This is because they only have one moving part. Direct-driven systems were first developed in Germany.


Our garage door openers are all covered by warranty. Most manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty on parts. We offer 1-year warranty on workmanship. State mandated warranty provisions apply. Check your area.

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