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New Garage Door Sales

Our company is not only dedicated in providing customers with the best in maintenance, repair and installation services, we also guarantee them. We offer the best garage doors that the market can offer. Our sales team continuously searches the market for the newest, most affordable and high-quality garage doors.

Here’s what we’ve learned from the experts:

• With good looks, affordable cost and solid return on one’s investment, a new garage door is the crown of projects designed to enhance curb appeal.

• On houses where the garage is center and front, it is necessary that the garage door makes a good impression.
This is the goal that we have in mind for every homeowner we talk to. When we come to you, we sit with you and discuss the best type and the best design for your home.

Swing-Out Type Of Doors

If your house is a Craftsman bungalow, it might be best to copy the swing-out type of doors used in Craftsman garages in old times. There are manufacturers who produce roll-up doors made to look just like those old swings. The popular styles that we know and recognize feature panels, trims and other flashy details. Doors constructed with frames and panels are sturdier types.
You may also see some styles that have a glass panel on the top. These add an inviting look and allow sunlight in during the day.

There are also those with frosted plastic or shatterproof glass put on all panels. This style is the new modern look.
You can also choose from different materials. We offer wood, aluminum, steel and even glass door options.
We have wood garage doors, which we recommend if you demand the old charm look. Wood garage doors also stand up well against bumps like the ones from basketballs.

Another Option – Steel Door

Another option is a steel door, which is a good option if you want something tough but doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. This is the most popular option because it is not expensive and yet tough.

Aluminum Type Of Garage Doors

Then you have the aluminum type of garage doors. In the past, these doors were a bit weak, but the newer versions are made to be sturdier. The new ones are also dent-resistant. If budget is not limited, you might just choose an aluminum door.
High-quality doors usually come with lifetime warranties. On the other hand, budget doors have shorter warranties. Make sure that you have all the information that you need before buying. We are happy to be of assistance, please call us.

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